About Us

Investment Assets And Property Management, Inc. and its China subsidiary Investment Assets And Property Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. are innovative service corporations, dedicated to providing high quality, competitively priced business consulting, management consulting, mergers & acquisitions consulting, corporate training, funding and trading services to consumers and businesses nation wide, and internationally.

Small businesses that are missing targets because of operational inefficiency may be in need of our expertise. We specialize in dealing with small business operations and are certified by the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants. In mainland China we focus on start-ups, SME's, State owned enterprises and government, in contrast in the USA and Canada our focus is strictly in the small business area.

Services provided in all markets are strategy planning, operational efficiency, risk assessment, sales and marketing consulting, management workshops public and private, soft skills workshops, performance assessments in the HR area and executive coaching. These are just a few of the areas where we will provide substantial management improvement for your organization. When looking for a training partner or a company to actively engage your consulting projects with constant monitoring and after project analysis I'm sure you will select us.

Since our founding over 17 years ago it has been our vision and goal to be the business leader in our chosen markets, as well as the small business expert. With our new business model for China and globally we will achieve these goals.

We view ourselves as partners with our clients, employees, community, and the environment.

We aim to become an internationally recognized brand name, capitalizing on the necessity for more personalized service in the industry of business consulting, training and trade.

Our goal is aggressive growth, annual profitability, and continued professionalism.