Learn to become a small business or SME consultant. Help your clients to increased profitability. A win-win for both!

  • AASBC is the ONLY international association specializing in training and certification of small business and SME consultants!
  • ONE comprehensive manual encompassing all aspects of small business and SME consulting!

Joining the AASBC allows you to learn how to become proficient in small business and SME consulting...and become a certified member! Benefits include:

  • The SEMP Approach: Simplified Examination to Maximize Profit training manual in printed and digital versions,
  • 40 video SEMP Approach lecture series,
  • Training manual and video lecture series - all you need to pass the certification exam,
  • Monthly e-newsletters that can be used for client distribution,
  • Downloadable checklists, client intake form, and special reports,
  • Professionally prepared PowerPoint presentations for marketing your consulting practice, 
  • Member forum to communicate with like-minded professionals​,
  • And more, all designed to help build your consulting practice as an Accredited Small Business Consultant or Accredited SME Consultant (designation for international members).

Plus, membership and certification allows you to:

  • Add additional revenue streams to your new or already existing business as opportunities open for you as an Accredited Small Business Consultant or Accredited SME consultant (designation for international members),
  • Create long-term relationships with clients, and
  • Distinguish yourself from others based on your small business and SME consulting expertise.

Initial first year fee includes:

  • Membership
  • ASBC/ASMEC basic exam (Master exam & Master ASBC/ASMEC certification is a one-time additional fee of $249.00)
  • ASBC or ASMEC (designation for international members) certification upon passing of exam
  • All benefits
  • All-inclusive for $499.00
  • Annual renewal fee - $149.00
  • No other fees

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